Becoming a Feeder

We are happy to see that you are concerned about the fate of stray dogs in Curaçao! Are you planning to become Feeder?

By feeding the stray dogs they become more accessible and this makes it possible to spay / neuter (if possible this is done through other existing organizations or veterinarians). By doing this, we prevent the explosive growth of stray dogs and this should eventually lead to fewer stray dogs on the island.

We register all stray dogs by district and arrange Feeders for dogs in a specific district. To be able to efficiently do this, we ask you to register via the registration form. If desired, you can also request basic medication for the stray dogs you feed. We will also arrange for replacement during your vacations or other times when you are not able to feed the stray dogs assigned to you. Together we can make sure stray dogs have a better life.

When you become a Feeder:

The Feeder establishes the first contact with the dog(s). He/she works on making the dog(s) accessible to make spaying/neutering possible. He/she feeds the dog(s) according to a fixed schedule, and takes pictures for the registration and social media.

It is very important that the feeder sticks to agreements, is easily reachable and, if possible, has a car. The Feeder is available at least 1 time per week to feed (this may also be a temporary period) and has a health insurance. A company or school can also register as Feeder.

Note: The foundation cannot held liable in any way for any damages arising from the conduct of stray dogs, therefore risks should be avoided.

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