About Us

Feed Friends Foundation arose in April of 2015 from the need to create one central point for reporting and registering stray dog feeding on the island of Curacao.

The goal of the foundation is to coordinate, organize and register the feeding of stray dogs. Feeding should lead to fewer stray dogs in Curaçao: as soon as the dog is approachable it will be sprayed / neutered, thus reducing the number of stray dogs.

On this website you can see which stray dogs are registered and by whom they are fed. With good information and instructions, appropriate action can be taken when spotting a stray dog. Overlaps are avoided and the efforts of volunteers, food and money are used optimally.

The foundation provides the food and basic medication for the stray dogs registered in the program. By providing this basic care, the stray dogs will be a better condition to be and are better candidates for adoption.

The foundation positions itself as a complement to the already existing organizations engaged in the follow-up process: the reception, treatment, spay/neuter programs, fostering and adoption.

The board consists of the following members:

Dyveke Fraaij-Brugman

Secretary and Treasurer
Fieneke Potveer

Legal adviser and Board member
José Schmitz